We are currently raising funds for scholarships to be awarded prior to the next Fall and Spring academic semester.  

"I can't say thank you enough to Joshua 1:9 and your supporters for believing in me and the contributions to my education, it has had such a tremendous impact on me and my family.  I am now working for EMS Services thanks to your support and have been accepted into the Advanced Paramedic Program at Lone Star College."

Our target population for these scholarships are typically 17 to 25, new or young parents in a crisis pregnancy, with a high school education.  They have a minimum wage job and/or are on public assistance.


This program will provide scholarships to gain the training needed to seek skilled employment.  As a result, families can become stable, remain together, and provide a better future for their children.  A successful scholarship candidate of today is the example to his or her children and to the community for the future.

The need:

Academic scholarships, childcare scholarship, employment references....

Typical scholarships are $1,000 per student per semester


Measures of Success:

Our success will be measured based on the number of scholarships funded, the graduation rate or academic success of the client receiving a scholarship, the rate at which the client is able to gain employment in their chosen field, and other qualitative and quantitative measures.

Some of our recent success stories include the following:

Graduate of the a Field Service Technician Certification program - promoted at his current employer where he had previously worked in the warehouse operation.

Graduate of an EMT Certification program - serving the community as an EMT and supporting his family while he continues to work to earn a paramedic certificate.

Graduate of two Welding Certification programs - continuing his education to earn a 3rd certification with an offer from his new employer to pay for this additional training.

Multiple graduates of a Certified Nursing Aide program - hired by a local hospital and continuing to earn additional certifications toward her Nursing career goals.

You can help now

Ten people giving $100 can change a life with the gift of an education for a new career and the courage to be a provider and a role model.

Example certificate programs:

Dental Assistant Certificate*

- Course Hours: 332

- Cost of Program: $2,757

- Median Wage: $31,300

Gas Metal Welder (MIG)*

- Course Hours: 80

- Cost of Program: $996

- Median Wage: $34,900

*Source: Lone Star College – Workforce Programs - Website

The Joshua 1:9 Group

"Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."