The Joshua 1:9 Group

We were started by a group of men in The Woodlands, Texas who saw a need in the community to help the parents of children, born and unborn, achieve their educational and employment goals in hopes of providing a better life for their family.


Our organizational structure:

We are an informal group that supports PACN, Lone Star College, and other local organizations.  we do not accept direct donations.  We promote partner organizations (PACN - we support their clients) and Lone Star College (where we refer our scholars for classes), and encourage you to donate directly to these organizations.



We are partnering with PACN to help identify young men and women in need.  We're actively seeking additional partnerships with churches, non-profits, and other organizations that identify and help young men and women in our local area.

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For more information / donations:

  • Garth Hoff via
  • J19 Summer Newsletter: Read about our most recent scholars and our recent events and community outreach.

"Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Start a J19 Group in your community:

The model of partnering with crisis pregnancy centers and other non-profits to support young men and women with workforce training scholarships is a model we would like see expanded across the United States. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a J19 chapter in your area.

Short-term needs

Long-term stability 


We are fundraising for scholarships to be awarded for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.  Awards can include scholarships, childcare, and employment references.  Typical awards are $1,000 per student.

What we DON'T do:

  • Food assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Utilities assistance
  • Healthcare assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Counseling assistance....

serving a unique need

The Joshua 1:9 Group

What we DO:

  • Award scholarships ($500 to $1,000)
  • Remove educational barriers
  • Open new career opportunities
  • Empower self-supporting families


We will use scholarships to encourage fathers to stay connected with their families and provide for their co=parent and children.  We will empower mothers to provide  a better life for their children.

mission & vision

Inspired by God's love for His children, we help stabilize fragile families and empower them to provide a better life for their children.